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Dear Students and Parents,

Your Sodexo team continues to focus on student well-being, which we believe directly impacts student achievement. From providing nutritious meals that help students focus to creating an environment where safe, clean and comfortable classrooms help them engage in learning, we are proud to be your partner.

Look on the site for the monthly Fresh Pick. The Sodexo Fresh Pick program is designed to further the nutrition education of students, parents and educators by focusing on the many positive benefits of eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Each month features an instructional recipe video starring Sodexo Ambassador and Student Chef, Chef Remmi, using the Fresh Pick nutritional item of the month. 

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Steve Dunmore, President Sodexo Education – Schools

Fall News!

Elementary Nutrition Education Program

Recognizing a need for more nutrition-based education and resources was a driving factor for the nutrition classes that we held at each of the Cumberland elementary schools back in September.

We worked with an RD Intern, Lauren Hamaty, from Sodexo Southcoast Dietetic  Internship, to create lesson plans and activities to engage the students.  Utilizing the SNAP Ed curriculum put out by URI, along with some creativity from Lauren, we were able to provide two comprehensive programs for students in grades K-2 and 3-5.  By breaking it down by grade/age level we were able to tailor the lesson plans more closely to the students abilities.

The theme of the lessons was “Eat TheRainbow.”  Lauren demonstrated that each color fruit or vegetable played a different role for your body, for example,REDfruits or vegetables keep your heart strong and your memory sharp! 

Going with this theme we wanted to provide them with colorful food samples, which included a green pepper and tomato salad along with a vibrant fruit salad.  All of the students were really excited to try the samples.  A few were hesitant about the green pepper and tomato salad but they were willing to at least try it which is a step in the right direction!

Overall the program turned out to be a great success with a lot of         participation.  We look forward to a continued partnership with the     Sodexo Southcoast Dietetic Internship in an effort to continue these student programs in the future!


        Pig Scraps: Oink! Oink!

In an effort to lighten the load of garbage Cumberland deposits at the Central Landfill, officials are focusing on the town's single biggest        contributor: school kids scraping food off their plates every day after lunch.

At the beginning of October, the leftovers from all seven schools in Cumberland have been collected daily for the pigs of My Blue Heaven Farm.

My Blue Heaven is a 15-acre farm in Pascoag owned by Ronald and   Nikko Vaz, who have been pig farming for over 40 years.

Included with the start-up this year will be an education program for the kids that explains their role in recycling as well as information about feeding the pigs.

In a brief discussion with Ron, he claims to be picking up about 500 pounds from Cumberland on a daily basis.

Recycling coordinator for Cumberland and North Smithfield, Donna Kaehler, says North Smithfield kids are generating just under a half -pound per child per day.

All  of these statistics are amazing! This is certainly not a process that will happen overnight, but small steps in the right direction will lead to great success as Cumberland looks to the future!


     Healthy High School Challenge

The Healthy High School National Challenge is an exciting event designed to reinforce the importance of making healthy food choices to our students, while building ongoing excitement around the foodservice program. High school  programs managed by Sodexo around the   country try to out-perform each other by earning points for served balanced plate meals and healthy a la carte snacks and beverages. The more meals, healthy snacks and beverages a school serves, the more points it can earn.  The final results were just released and we are very excited to announce that Cumberland High School ranked 38 of 95 high schools and will be receiving a check for $500!  The success of this event would not have been possible without the great participation from the student body so thank you CHS students for rocking this challenge!!

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